Our firm is dedicated to providing the best options for probate administration. Sometimes it is not necessary to probate a will, wasting valuable time and expense. However, if it is necessary to probate a will, we will help guide you through the process to ensure the deceased’s last wishes are followed. Some estates may not have a will, but need to be probated. Texas allows a variety of options depending on the estate’s needs. We help guide executors and administrators through the legal maze, including filing the decedent’s last individual tax return, estate tax return, and estate income tax return. Our experienced attorneys and certified public accountant will meet with you to discuss all your options.

Mazurek, Belden & Burke, P.C. represents guardians in guardianship matters. We help guide you through the process of establishing a guardianship or alternatives to guardianship to help assist those in need, whether it be their personal care, finances, or both.

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